History of the Firm

Blue Heron

65 Years Serving Western Washington!

The firm was started by Omar S. Parker in 1949 as a solo practice. Arlis W. Johnson joined the firm in 1959 and it became known as Parker & Johnson. In 1974 Omar's son, Jon C. Parker, joined the firm and in 1979 it became known as Parker, Johnson, and Parker, P.S. Benjamin R. Winkelman joined the firm in August of 2000 and became a partner in 2011 when the firm came to be known as Parker & Winkelman, P.S. A third-generation Parker began working for the firm in January 2007 and in January 2014 James T. Parker joined the firm now known as Parker, Winkelman & Parker, P.S. In February of 2022, the firm became known as Parker & Parker Law Offices, Inc. P.S.

The firm offers experienced, prompt, effective legal services in all areas of practice and is a recognized leader in community and legal affairs.

Prior Firm Names:
Omar S. Parker, Lawyer
Parker & Johnson Law Offices
Parker, Johnson & Parker, P.S.
Parker, Johnson, Edwards & Parker, P.S.
Parker & Winkelman, P.S.
Parker, Winkelman & Parker P.S.
Parker & Parker Law Offices, Inc. P.S.